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god bless you for giving our world the opportunity to watch something like this

it's like

my life has passed through space and time

building up to this one moment



Memes are a cheap, shitty ways of getting laughs out of people. It isn't even worth going in to detail over how much this sucked.

Enjoy your awards.

RicePirate responds:

I love you. So much. You always tell it how it is.

About a month ago, there was a week where 5 different Falcon Punch flashes came out, and almost all of them placed. Similarly a week for Minecraft toons. I never use meme's in my work, and found it tolling, to say the least.

What you said is why I made the flash. It wasn't about putting a bunch of meme's together, it was meant to be meme overload, and let folks know that "we get it... what's next?"

But if that didn't come across, that's ultimately where I failed.

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who is that chrislovejoy guy

sounds like a royal asspie


If I were to base this off your game design alone, you did brilliantly, enjoyed pretty much all the levels no matter how difficult they were. So much so I completed the whole time-consuming game, pretty neat, huh?

If I were to base this off your humor (which :The Game: series hasn't disappointed me with up to this point)- shockingly bad. I would have thought someone of your standard wouldn't have to steep so low to gain some praises from prepubescent children. Memes, memes and more memes, frankly I might have enjoyed the sarcastic dick jokes you seemed so intent on steering away from more.

I do enjoy your witty crossovers such as Lady Gaga/Meat boy - Steve Jobs/Portal and found the Wikileaks level pretty funny in its own lonely way.

Stick to what you do best, pop culture references, chuckle-worthy one liners, political jokes and entertainment parodies. Because the other stuff didn't work for me.

Aside from this.

The soundtrack/effects is/are very nice, I noticed a reappearing sound effect that was miraculously similar to one in World of Goo. Whether it was taken from that or not it made me want to go back and play one of my favorite games so thanks for that.

There were a few bugs you may or may not want to pound out, prominent one was being flung through walls. Final unlockable is entertaining but I didn't fancy going through all the levels again because of it. But I suppose it would be a pretty cool thing to come back to, providing I ignore the attempted funnybone-tickling.

In short, good design, bad humor, I'm interested in seeing the next in the series as long as it doesn't contain the same bad-taste that this one left me with. If you're making one.

Pretty good, for the most part.

You two did a good job making this so fast considering he's not been so blown up for all too long, props for that.

I myself aren't very attracted by the whole Charlie Sheen circus that seems to be flying all over the place right now. At first you think he's cool, makes funny quotes and doesn't give a damn about what people say. Then you realize he's lost his kids, his job, is likely mentally insane and isn't going to have a spec of respect once this has all blown over. That, and the jokes are starting to get annoying and overused and it's barely been around for more than a week. Which is a shame.

I've always enjoyed your retro style, Pox. Bit games usually give me a refreshing way to play. As long as it's pulled off right--which is what you've managed to do.

Ploughing through hordes of people in some kind of vehicle driven by a narcotic-fueled lunatic while avoiding certain objects and picking up power-ups isn't the most original thing to be pushed forward, but you saved it from being too generic by adding twists in the right place.

The reactions to drugs were enjoyable. If not predictable.

However after a while it does get extremely repetitive. Which I guess is something that's hard to stop from happening, but there isn't a lot of replay-value.

Mockery did a great job on the sound. Gets a little irritating after a certain period of time though.

I liked it, and it's good enough to keep me entertained for a good while. I just don't find myself running back to play it over again.

12th on the leaderboard is alright while it lasts too, I think.

poxpower responds:

Only 12th on the scoreboard?
You think your children will respect you once they find out? And you have them? You should probably play that game enough so that you get unbeatable at it.

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there isn't enough abs



discojohn responds:

Is that a "MMMMMM" which is like a moan of anger? I would like to know why you think this deserves a 1/10 so I can better myself for the future. Thanks for any input that you might have!

- Z -


It's quite good.

I've always loved the way you use vivid colors and the neon style.

I love her outfit too, it really brings out the background. The background could use maybe slightly more detail, or a few more strokes in the back, but I can see why you haven't done that in another perspective.

I also really like the pose. Well done.



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